A Centering, Activating Journey of Self-Love: 
The Jade Egg Practice

Maintaining a relationship with our source of creative energy is central to a nourishing and juicy connection to our own sacred, receptive feminine. Jade eggs have been a beautiful way to enhance & maintain female health and well-being for a very long time. Also known as yoni eggs, these beautiful and powerful gemstones can transform the lives of the women cultivating a regular practice with them. Learning more about these beautiful Jade Eggs can provide insights into the benefits, offerings and the roles of these tools in the lives of the women that cherish them.

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The jade egg practice invites every woman to connect deeply to her own sacred space, or yoni, through intention and attention. Taking time for ourselves and creating a sacred awareness of our inner world is deeply nourishing. This practice invites the awakening of a fresh, centered presence and to release, in our own time, what no longer serves. At JadeEgg.com, we offer beautiful, authentic gemstone eggs. We wish for all women to explore and enjoy vibrant self-love and radiant health from the inside out.


The History of Jade Egg Practice

It has been said that jade eggs were historically reserved for the royal queen and the consorts of the emperor of China and were credited with extending the lives and the enduring beauty of these women. In the Taoist philosophical and spiritual traditions, jade eggs are worn and revered to stimulate and generate the life force in women by gently strengthening the pelvic floor and massaging the walls of the cervix. As we cultivate a practice with our jade egg, we can explore and transform our way of being with ourselves & the world. The details of the history of the jade egg practice are mysterious and not well known at this time. However, more knowledge is coming to light, and in many ways, the practice is something one experiences and feels the benefits of on her own. The shift that occurs within a woman that is taking time to be present with herself and to embody her own unique essence is, of course, challenging to put into words, but so apparent and clear by simply feeling it.


The Jade Egg Experience

Jade eggs are semi-precious stones carved into egg shapes and polished to a glossy shine. These eggs are invited into the yoni (vagina) and worn there throughout the day or night, for as long as is comfortable. The jade stone has many beneficial properties, and is known to be a heart opening, detoxifying, and grounding stone that is very nourishing for the total well being, physically and energetically. It is recommended that ethically sourced jade is practiced with, as this stone is a marvelous clearing stone that helps one release old emotions, energies surrounding trauma or toxicity that our bodies have endured over time. Physically, holding or “wearing” the stone for any period of time gently strengthens and reconnects a woman to her body; her sacred feminine essence; her creative center. Maintaining a relationship with this deep, soft place in ourselves is very healing and empowering, and spreads a juicy, vibrant energy throughout every area of our lives.

nephrite jade egg


Beginning the Jade Egg Practice

Once you receive your jade egg, boil the stone in water for ten minutes. You only need to do this once, unless you feel a need to do it again at some point, which is also okay to do as many times as you'd like to. Please DO NOT USE SOAP on your yoni egg. A few drops of tea tree oil, GSE, or iodine in warm water is also an appropriate cleaning/ soaking solution. Rinse any solution off of the yoni egg after cleaning, and wipe well with a clean cloth or dry in sunlight. It is then nice to simply “introduce” yourself to this new and very intimate ally you now have in your life. Feel free to wear the stone in your pocket, a soft bra, or sleep with her under your pillow for a night or two.

When you are ready, begin with intention, breathing and connecting to your sacred body and the vision for the jade egg practice that you hold for yourself. Once you are grounded and ready to receive, begin the practice by laying comfortably, knees up, feet on the floor, and learning to sync or breath with the opening and closing of our yonis. Gently, open or “yawn” with the yoni, with your inhale. Close your or “sip” with your yoni and pull in with your exhale, guiding the egg in with a little help as needed until she in inside comfortably. This is called “sip and yawn” and takes time to learn, so be patient with yourself as you reconnect to the natural expansion and contraction of your sacred space.

You may begin by only wearing your jade egg for a few minutes a day, slowly building up more ability to wear it for longer periods of time. As our body learns how to hold the egg, we can also incorporate different gentle exercises (read more about jade egg exercises), strengthening our inner walls and muscles, rejuvenating and “waking up” a somewhat ignored energy center of our bodies. Jade eggs can be worn while doing household tasks, sleeping (remember to write down your dreams!), doing yoga, dancing, in the shower, meditating, and more! The possibilities are endless.

nephrite jade egg

Possible Benefits of the Jade Egg Practice

~ Releasing our past emotions
~ Increased libido & juiciness
~ Stronger vaginal muscles & control
~ Support to prevent & reverse prolapse and/or
~ Radiant sense of self & sacred feminine
~ Deeper connection to creative life force
~ Heightened intuition
~ Greater sexual satisfaction
~ Eases menopause & post menopausal discomforts & imbalances
~ Overall more grounded, centered presence

~ We go into the benefits more here

It is often shared by women that practice with the jade egg that there is an energetic layer (or multiple layers) at some point once a practice is established- where the old emotions trapped in the body from past relationships, traumas, memories, etc. are released. This clears the way to for more room in our creative center, for new things that we do want in our lives! This is different for each woman, at her own pace, and can look very different for anyone. We go into more detail on this here

Yoni Eggs and Jade Eggs: a Dynamic Journey

Yoni is a Sanskrit word deriving from India that has several beautiful translations, “sacred space”, “entry way into the universe” and “home” being a few. The term yoni is also used to symbolize the goddess Shakti, who was the consort of Shiva and the representation of the divine feminine in Hindu philosophy. We use the term Yoni as an honoring to the feminine anatomy as something sacred. The Jade Egg is more specific to the actual history and lineage of this practice, rooted in China. Yoni eggs are not necessarily carved from pure nephrite jade, however, and may be made from a number of different crystals or stones. For most practitioners, the jade egg more clearly reflects the Taoist origins of these teachings and their intended use in promoting creative energy and improved well-being.

At JadeEgg.com, we specialize in providing authentic, beautiful nephrite jade eggs women all over the world seeking a deeper connection with themselves. We offer a variety of sizes and purchase options to ensure that you enjoy the most extensive selection of choices. Our practicing co-owner (you may contact in the contact section) will provide you with the discreet and sensitive guidance you may seek to find the right product for your needs and to ensure that you explore and activate your most radiant Self.

We look forward to the chance to help you enjoy the most positive benefits of creative presence and self-love now and for many years into the future. the jade egg package

Deep bow, and thank you for choosing JadeEgg.com


Jade Egg Sizing Chart

* Small - The smaller the egg, the more challenging it is to hold and will require more advanced practice and muscle awareness.

Medium - Recommended for beginners

* Large - The large egg will be easier to hold, for someone that is healing incontinence, prolapse or perhaps postmenopausal.

Read more on what egg size to choose.