Amethyst Yoni Egg

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amethyst yoni egg

Amethyst is a crystal of the quartz variety and is only used for internal use at the discretion of the user. Please research and check in with yourself before wearing this stone internally.

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Amethyst is a well known and beautiful gemstone that is deeply activating for our psychic awareness. This stone has long been utilized for powerful meditative states and energetic clearing. Whatever is in our way on a mental or psychic level can be gently and lovingly moved through with amethyst. This purple and white crystal have also been revered over time for balancing destructive tendencies, known as a “sobering” stone. As a yoni egg, amethyst is said to assist us in moving through energies that have clouded our body’s ability to be in full power in her receptivity and pleasure. Amethyst is known to help us create a more orgasmic experience of ourselves, our yonis and our passionate creative centers.

The amethyst crystal is the stone of the crown chakra and our ability to see the perfectness of all things, above our egoic perception. Working with amethyst can bring about more connection with a higher awareness, synchronicity, and unseen realms of energy. Amethyst is the stone of the meditator and one that explores psychic clarity and even clairvoyance.

Over the years, we can accumulate lots of memories and mental baggage, and this can cloud our innate senses of joy and clear vision and ability to fully receive. Amethyst as a yoni egg can allow us to move through and clear this energetic debris, resulting in a more alive and activated feminine energy within. Orgasms are not just for lovemaking, but can become the way we interact with the world in our day to day being. The amethyst yoni egg can assist in activating this vital, juicy energy and allow the woman practicing with her to explore a more clear, light, radiant way of being in her beautiful power!

It is recommended that women begin their yoni egg practice with our jade egg first, to move older accumulated physical energy, before working with other yoni eggs. Please feel free to contact us anytime with any questions or concerns you may have.

what's included with the amethyst yoni egg
* Untreated USA made cotton pouch
* Introductory practice guide
* Genuine amethyst yoni egg

Customer Reviews

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Amethyst Yoni Egg


My egg is perfect. I also have a jade egg from you, which I also love. Thanks!


Love the look and feel of my egg. Nicole was wonderful - lots of helpful advise and great service.


This egg is beautiful. Mine came in and was a little darker than the one shown, but that is because natural amethyst is different colors. The quality is really good and it came quickly. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a beginner egg.

Thank you so much for the feedback! Very happy to be able to offer these gorgeous eggs. Blessings on your practice!

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