False Jade Eggs and Risks

Unfortunately, there are lots of false jade eggs being sold all over the world at this time. We are committed to only carrying and offering the highest quality yoni eggs available. We feel passionate about educating our clients and women interested, for our integrity and your safety. False jade eggs may or may not be made of a nonporous stone, or even a dissolving stone, and may not hold the same properties as jade. For this reason, unresearched jade is not recommended or safe for internal use. Providing authentic nephrite jade eggs, authentic gemstone yoni eggs, and natural untreated cotton (petroleum/synthetic-free) carrying pouches for our gemstone eggs will always be our top priority. Jadeegg.com offers only authentic jade, and we are happy to answer questions about our sources, so feel free to contact us with any concerns at any time.

There are only two legally functioning jade mines in existence today on the planet. Finding authentic jade is not cheap or easy! Therefore, many merchants and suppliers have a tendency to call any green or white-looking stone or any translucent stone "jade," when it may be onyx, serpentine, two varieties of marble stone, etc.

Some fake jade egg examples:

Fake jade egg of serpentine, a translucent marble

Fake jade egg of serpentine, a translucent marble

Fake jade egg made of marble stone

Fake jade egg made of marble stone

Identifying Fake Jade Eggs

If a jade egg looks like those shown in the pictures above, it is highly likely the "jade egg" is false and made of marble stone.

Just because your supplier provides you green or white-looking stone eggs and calls the eggs "jade" does not make the eggs real nephrite jade eggs. Most of the "jade eggs" from China are fake or fraud jade eggs made of translucent marble stones. Nephrite jade deposits in China have been mined and no longer have jade at this time. Onyx, serpentine and other translucent green or white marble stones are often used in China as nephrite simulants, and all these are called "jade", but these stones are marble. "Jade eggs" provided by Chinese suppliers in Alibaba are mostly these type of false jade eggs.

Before your purchase of jade eggs from a supplier, consider asking the following questions:

  1. Are the "jade eggs" genuine nephrite jade eggs?
  2. Ask for laboratory test data about specific density, mohs hardness, and refractive index.
  3. Question the source of the rough nephrite stones?
  4. What is the unit price for a true nephrite jade egg?

Specific density, mohs hardness, and the refractive index of genuine nephrite stone are 2.8 - 3.1, 6.0-7.0, and 1.606 - 1.632 respectively.

If the answers to the second question above are not within the ranges above, most likely the "jade eggs" are NOT genuine nephrite jade eggs.

If the reply to the 3rd question above is NOT Canada or Russia, it is most likely the "jade eggs" are false. Currently, only Canada and Russia have nephrite rough stone supply. Currently, with the state of Russian export restriction, Canada is the principal source of nephrite supply. Serpentine and onyx and two varieties of marble stones are often used in China as nephrite replacement.

If an advertised jade egg is priced seemingly low, most likely the "jade egg" is false. Nephrite jade is scarce and rare, and the price of rough nephrite stones are somewhat high compared to other more abundant marble and gemstones.

False Nephrite Jade or Jade Simulants

Some examples of jade simulants or fake jades that are green or white-looking, or translucent:





Onyx, a translucent marble



Xiuyan jade, serpentine variety

Xiuyu jade, serpentine variety

Dushan Jade, saussurite variety

Why Nephrite Jade for Yoni Eggs?

Nephrite Jade is a very healing stone, one sought out by the royal women of the court in empirical China. The most important aspects of this stone are its healing properties and non-porous makeup. All gemstones have a healing energy to them, but as to what sort of healing, is not always what we are looking for. Authentic jade is specifically a heart opening, energy clearing, total well-being rejuvenator. We believe and trust that women of ancient times knew the potency and power of what they were doing in their jade egg practice, and we are keeping true to this ancient art form by committing to only offering real authentic nephrite jade eggs.

Quality Always

Jadeegg.com guarantees the jade yoni eggs purchased from us are made of 100% natural genuine nephrite jade without any dyeing or heating treatment. We source the finest jade eggs we can find regardless of the price margin, as we practice with the same eggs we are selling. Each jade egg offered comes with an introduction guide and a natural untreated cotton carrying pouch that was ethically made in the USA. We are proud to offer you the best products that we can find!

Sizing Chart

* Small - The smaller the egg, the more challenging it is to hold and will require more advanced practice and muscle awareness.

Medium - Recommended for beginners

* Large - The large egg will be easier to hold, for someone that is healing incontinence, prolapse or perhaps postmenopausal.

Read more on what egg size to choose.