Fill Your Own Cup: The Jade Egg Practice

The female as a sacred container has been largely forgotten for a very long time. As the feminine rises and is awakening, practices and rituals are being brought back to life to reestablish the connection and honoring of the feminine. We are grateful to witness the radical shift that is occurring, as women all over the world are remembering their wisdom and their connection to the Earth. A large part of tuning into our wisdom is maintaining a healthy connection within, and cultivating a sacred container inside. The jade egg practice is a beautiful and awe-inspiring catalyst in this deep inner remembering.

Jade egg and yoni eggs

As women, we give, a lot. It is our nature. It is also our nature to contain, and to receive. However, the art of containment and receptivity is very distorted or altogether forgotten in the most of the world. Much of the feedback I receive from women newly but regularly practicing with their jade egg, is that they feel so much more vital energy in themselves. I believe that much of this result comes from the act of learning how to hold energy (and the yoni egg) in our body. The uterus, cervix, womb space is such an area of the body for cultivation- be it menstrual blood, babies, etcetera. This sacred landscape is also an area of release- as we bleed we release, as we birth a child we release, etcetera. So, connecting with and containing the vital energy in this creative pool of the pelvic bowl, and simply being with it, is very nourishing and powerful.

Held by our core creative center, the womb, we grow life itself. This can be in the form of a child, new ideas, creative endeavors and the newborn steps of our path, as our life unfolds. If we tend to feel as though we have little energy, or have a hard time following through all the way to bring a vision into form, or feel we are with little motivation/ feeling empty- all of these feelings of imbalance begin with the way we are with the creative energy inside of ourselves. The ability to hold and fill ourselves with this creative energy brings balance and focus to our ideas and visions. The way that we feel or see life at any given time is a supportive reflection of what we require more of. From this awareness, we can be in service to ourselves and our creativity, and become a full cup from within.

So as we practice with the jade egg or yoni egg, we reclaim our wisdom of holding and cultivating our own energy. Listening to this energy, letting her grow and thrive, invites a feeling of self-love and self-honoring that is challenging to put into words. When we give ourselves time to nourish the tissue that makes up our personal container, with living crystals, infused with intentions that are alive for us at any time- we feel soft, whole and powerful all at once. Getting quiet to listen inside, loving our growth and staying curious to what wants to evolve and come through, creates a flow of creative force that embodies beauty and brings synchronicity. Holding space for ourselves invites a self-confidence and glowing presence that feels balanced, contained and light.

Cultivating creative energy is beautifully enlivening for the body, mind & spirit. If you have questions or insights of your own to share, feel free to reach out and connect with Nicole at

Sizing Chart

* Small - The smaller the egg, the more challenging it is to hold and will require more advanced practice and muscle awareness.

Medium - Recommended for beginners

* Large - The large egg will be easier to hold, for someone that is healing incontinence, prolapse or perhaps postmenopausal.

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