Getting Started: How to Begin and Create Your Own Practice

To begin, it is important to remember and really step into this practice with a jade egg or yoni egg as a means of connecting with yourself- your own inner wisdom- and listening to what your body tells you. We are a culture of being constantly told what to do and how to do it, disempowering our own innate knowing. This practice is largely about reconnecting, getting quiet, and receiving what we know in ourselves to be true. I personally was taught a few basic beginning methods, and since then continue to develop my own practice based on what my intention is and what I feel called to do for myself. That being said, there are a handful of helpful concepts and some gentle guidance that can help you navigate this journey.

What Kind of Egg & Size Should I Start With?
A jade egg is the recommended yoni egg to begin your practice with. Jade is said to have detoxifying & resetting properties and is the traditional stone of the practice. As for size, it is important to feel into what size yoni egg is best for you. If you are a woman that is feeling very disconnected from your womb space, as in little to no feeling in your yoni, (it is very common) a large jade egg may be the best place to start. If you have prolapse or incontinence issues, it is encouraged that you seek posture correcting practices or bodywork prior to or in conjunction with a gentle jade egg practice, with a jade egg that is drilled so that you can easily remove her when you are ready to.

If you are familiar with your inner landscape somewhat and can feel your yoni enough to practice Kegel exercises, then a medium jade egg is likely the best beginning for you. Whether you prefer a drilled or undrilled jade egg is up to you, and your relationship with your own body. You can read more about the choices & reasons for drilled or undrilled yoni eggs here. For more thoughts on what size is best, read more here.

How Do I Clean My Yoni Egg?
Cleaning your jade egg/ yoni egg is both simple and important. Upon receiving your jade egg, you can gently boil the stone for ten minutes to clean it thoroughly. Once the water and the jade egg cools down, simply wipe dry with a clean cloth or set out to air dry.

If you are cleaning a yoni egg of a different gemstone variety, simply make a soaking solution with boiled warm water and either sea salt or a few drops of tea tree oil or GSE (grape seed extract). These additions can all be purchased online or at a local health food store. Soak the yoni egg for at least thirty minutes, and then rinse the stone off very well and dry with a clean cloth or set out to air dry.

Rinsing the yoni egg well before and after each use is important for proper hygiene, and an occasional soaking or boiling (depending on the type of yoni egg), as often as you feel called is encouraged. I personally soak all of my yoni eggs at least once a month, while I am in my moon cycle time, to clean and clear my yoni eggs physically and energetically.

How Do I Begin Wearing My New Jade Egg?
It is helpful to simply “introduce” yourself to this new and very intimate ally you now have in your life. Feel free to wear the stone in your pocket, a soft bra, or sleep with her under your pillow for a night or two. The point is to feel connected to this crystal, so that wearing her does not feel foreign or uncomfortable.

When you are ready, begin with intention, breathing and connecting to your sacred body and the vision for the jade egg practice that you hold for yourself. Once you are grounded and ready to receive, begin the practice by laying comfortably, knees up, feet on the floor, and learning to sync or breathe with the opening and closing of the yoni. Gently, open or “yawn” with the yoni, with your inhale. Close your or “sip” with your yoni and pull in with your exhale, guiding the egg in with a little help as needed until she in inside comfortably. This is called “sip and yawn” and takes time to learn, so be patient with yourself as you reconnect to the natural expansion and contraction of your sacred space. Eventually, with steady (20 minutes a day) practice, you will be able to pull the yoni egg in and gently push her out, as you wish.

You may begin by only wearing your jade egg for a few minutes a day, slowly building up more ability to wear it for longer periods of time. I encourage women to begin with meditating with their yoni egg. Sit down on the floor, cushion or chair, wearing the jade egg, and simply listen while breathing naturally. When we get quiet and invite our breath and body to speak to us, we may find that there is a lot of wisdom there. It may be silent wisdom, or very expressive. Whatever arises organically is exactly what is needed.

As our yonis learn how to hold the egg, we can also incorporate different gentle exercises (read more about gentle jade egg exercises), strengthening our inner walls and muscles, rejuvenating and “waking up” a somewhat ignored energy center of our bodies. In time, the yoni will learn to form and hold the egg on her own- no “clenching” or strain is ever recommended. As you become more comfortable and confident, a jade egg/ yoni egg can be worn while doing household tasks, sleeping (remember to write down your dreams!), doing yoga, dancing, in the shower, and more! It is wonderful to simply add your jade egg practice to what you already love to do for yourself. The possibilities are endless.

How Long is My Jade Egg or Yoni Egg Going to Stay Inside?
This is a common first thought most women ponder and ask me as they begin their practice. For most women this is why a drilled yoni egg may be best in the beginning, as we learn to trust our body and listen to what she wants, and to be able to remove out yoni egg if we need or want to. For myself, I feel comfortable wearing my yoni egg for as long as she wants to be with me. This trust will come overtime, as you learn how to be with the jade egg, how to use your muscles to gently push her out as you wish, etcetera. Once this relationship is developed with our intelligent feminine wisdom, I encourage every woman to own one undrilled yoni egg, as I have found it very powerful for learning trust in my own practice.

It is important to also share that it is very likely that at some point in your practice, you may experience a powerful emotional release. We hold an incredible amount of energy- memories, truths, trauma, etcetera- on a cellular level in our bodies. The yoni is very receptive in her nature, both physically and energetically. Massaging our sacred space passively can release whatever has been trapped and unexpressed inside of us. So be gentle with yourself and give yourself what you need if this comes up for you. I write more about this here.

Thank you for giving this gift to yourself, and for choosing to support your inner journey. I offer a free 30 minute consultation with your purchase, and can talk about any of these things, or other questions you may have, one on one, when you feel called. Blessings to you in this sacred time!

Sizing Chart

* Small - The smaller the egg, the more challenging it is to hold and will require more advanced practice and muscle awareness.

Medium - Recommended for beginners

* Large - The large egg will be easier to hold, for someone that is healing incontinence, prolapse or perhaps postmenopausal.

Read more on what egg size to choose.