Initiating the practice: Trusting our body

As we begin the jade egg practice, we are initiating ourselves in a very deep way. This way has been repressed, vilified, and sequentially forgotten by women for a very long time. Recently, this way is coming back, and the jade egg practice can greatly assist us in remembering. This initiation is simple and profound: Trusting Our Body.

When we begin our jade egg practice, a lot of what comes up for many women is: how long will the egg will stay in?/ is it too far or shallow in?/ or maybe panicking if the yoni egg stays inside of us longer than we expect her to. We have been very programmed for a long time to be in control of our body with our mind around linear time constraints and expectations. This is simply not the language of our timeless, sensual, soft feminine body.

Jade egg in hand

The history of female body shaming, mistrusting and repressing is all over our modern world. Menstruation and childbirth, our natural initiations of Trusting Our Body, have been medicalized to excess; cleaned up, quieted down. (In no way are we against Western medicine when necessary, however, it is quite obvious that the over-sterilization of natural feminine process is deeply inhibiting and oppressive.) This is not our wild feminine nature, being quiet and clean disconnects us from the natural world itself, as well as the world inside, that teaches us our primal, ancestral, intuitive, wild ways. This repression, over millennia, has turned women against their own bodies, their own innate knowing, and their own natural trust in their rhythms and processes.

Our yoni (vagina/ sacred space) knows what she needs. She knows how long the jade egg or gemstone yoni egg can be with her. This may be longer than your mind expects. It is not uncommon for a yoni egg to finding her way deep inside of us, and simply be there, for what feels like a long time. A yoni egg can also be inside for a short time, and this is a fine place to start as well. Trusting without judgment can be challenging, and we may feel alarmed or uncomfortable as we lean into what comes up for us when we are given a real-time opportunity to trust that our body knows how long the yoni egg is to stay with her. The healing, releasing and clearing work that can happen when we let our body choose what she wants, is incredible. We only have to open and trust her to receive what the jade egg practice has to offer.

Often it seems, that in the beginning of our practice, is when a yoni egg stays inside of us for a period of time that feels long. Once the big clearings happen, in their own time, the yoni egg will maybe not stay in for so long, or it will be more of an exercise to hold the yoni egg for periods of time. The most important part of the jade egg practice is creating a dialog and listening to your yoni and her unique truth- whether or not she does want to have the egg with her at a given time, for how long, etcetera. If your body chooses to keep the yoni egg for any period of time- trust it. Our bodies are wise and they know, often much more than our mind knows, what is best. So feel free to relax into the practice, trust the process, and let your body choose!

If ever you want a reminder or support through this initiation, I am also a jade egg practicing woman and I am available for connection at

Blessings to your unfolding practice! Thank you for trusting yourself.

Jade Egg Sizing Chart

* Small - The smaller the egg, the more challenging it is to hold and will require more advanced practice and muscle awareness.

Medium - Recommended for beginners

* Large - The large egg will be easier to hold, for someone that is healing incontinence, prolapse or perhaps postmenopausal.

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