Benefits of the jade egg practice

There is a multitude of reasons women come to find the jade egg practice in their lives. All of the reasons are valid, and as I learn more about what sheds, transforms, and rebuilds us in the journey, the more in awe I am of our bodies and ancient feminine wisdom.

On a physical level, we can rebuild the muscle memory and strengthen the seat of where we all as women move from. Whether we begin our practice later in our lives, or have multiple children that have come through us vaginally (or not), or have a traumatic sexual history- each and every woman is likely in some way “shut down” to awareness of feeling in the yoni or vaginal area. This may seem mostly emotional or mental, but it translates and manifests as physical disconnection from the center of our creativity. Some women (including myself) are surprised to learn that when they begin their practice, they do not feel their jade egg inside of them, at all. This typically relates to something they uncover a bit later in the practice, the source of this disconnection. In time, as a woman commits to being with herself and the jade egg in some way consistently, muscle control and ability to feel and consciously move the egg rebuilds this connection. Feeling confident and strong in our pelvic floor is reflected in how we feel about who we are and the way we move through the world.

jade egg and yoni eggs in hand

Sexually, the jade egg practice brings us deeper and truer to who we are and what we want. We learn to pull our jade egg into our yoni, over time. This part of the practice, on it’s own, is quite revolutionary when we consider how long we may have gone through life putting things into our yoni without much listening to what our body actually wants. Learning to invite our jade egg into the body, in it’s own time, is a really big shift for most women in the way the body is put “in charge” of what is happening and how slowly or quickly something enters her. Of course, using our pelvic floor and vaginal muscles more often and more consciously also adds to our sexual pleasure. We become more in control of our own orgasms, as we learn more about what feels good to us and where our “juicy” spots are! Much of this sexual awareness and vitality is returned to us because we are becoming more appreciative and honoring of our yoni as a temple, a beautiful space to be felt and listened to, and this creates a sensual relationship to ourselves. This only flourishes and brings more vibrancy and expression to our intimacy, with or without a partner. We learn how to truly love our pleasure centers, and how to express with them!

Emotionally, the jade egg practice shows us how to honor what we feel and be witness to our own natural process. Many women are looking to let go of past traumatic emotional experiences when finding this practice. Our bodies hold lots and lots of memory and emotion, and it is common to feel these memories and emotions come up after receiving a massage or after a strong yoga class, etcetera. Well, if we can feel emotional in response to what we store in the muscles wrapped around our bones, imagine how much emotional release can happen when passively massaging the yoni while she is relaxed and not expected to “perform” in an agenda or sexualized way. It can be a very powerful experience or multiple experiences. Healing begins within, and this is truly one of the most potent forms of self-care available to women now.

We at wish for each and every woman on the planet to feel the wholeness, the beauty of self-care, and the radiant presence that results from a consistent jade egg practice! Please contact Nicole with any questions, and thank you for choosing us to support your sacred journey of self-love!

Sizing Chart

* Small - The smaller the egg, the more challenging it is to hold and will require more advanced practice and muscle awareness.

Medium - Recommended for beginners

* Large - The large egg will be easier to hold, for someone that is healing incontinence, prolapse or perhaps postmenopausal.

Read more on what egg size to choose.