Jade Egg FAQ

How to insert a jade egg?

Begin on your back with your knees up and your feet on the ground. Breathe into your womb, your sacred space. Bring your egg to the opening of your yoni, and as you inhale, open your yoni and tilt your pelvis open. As you exhale, pull your yoni and pelvis slightly up, cupping the egg and pulling her in. Keep doing this breathing and tilting up and down, each time guiding the egg a little further in until the egg is inside of you. Thank your body for receiving the egg, and stretch or be still, enjoying the experience of your yoni consciously pulling the egg into her.


I can't feel my jade egg

It is common for women not to feel the egg once it is in comfortably. As your muscles become stronger and your awareness of them becomes stronger, you will feel the egg and where you move it in yourself. Trust the process and your egg.


How long shall I wear my egg?

As long as you wish. At least twenty minutes a day is ideal, as well as overnight when you feel called to dream with your egg. She will drop lower and come out on her own when her “work” with you is done for that time. The more we work with our egg, even in small doses, the more resilient our muscles become. We can hold our egg longer with steady practice. Until you know you can hold your egg for periods of time, we recommend wearing underwear as a safe “catch” in case your egg drops when you aren’t expecting her to.


Can I sleep with a jade egg?

Absolutely. It is a beautiful end of day ritual to give yourself some gentle massage, including your yoni, and invite your egg in to be with you while you rest. Just be mindful that she is with you overnight, maybe wear underwear in case you forget when you wake up or get up to pee. While using the toilet have a hand “ready” to catch your egg just in case.


Can I use the egg after menopause?

Yes. The jade egg is a wonderful ally for our changing bodies to connect to our sacred creative energy regardless or age or stages in life. There are many benefits to the jade egg for menopausal or postmenopausal women, in keeping our creative center juicy and vibrant during all the years of our lives.


What about Menstruation?

We do not recommend wearing your egg while in a “heavy flow” part of your cycle, just as an honoring of the downward flow of this time. Otherwise, it is totally fine and safe to be with your egg while you moon.


Can I pee with my egg in?

Yes, just have a hand ready to catch her, just in case.


My jade egg is stuck

The squatting position and a gentle push (as if you are moving your bowel) is enough to push your egg out when you are ready. Read more about trusting your body.


My jade egg falls out

With steady practice, you will be able to hold your egg for periods of time. Typically two weeks of twenty minutes per day use results in being able to control muscles much more effectively. Begin with inviting your egg in, guiding her in with your hand, and doing some simple stretches/ yoga/ meditation. Let the time with your egg teach you how to engage your muscles and be more aware of your sacred space. Be patient with your body as you reconnect with a place we are not often taught to be present with. Take your time, and invite your egg in often. Feel free to contact us for questions or support!


Cleaning my jade egg.

Before your first use, boil your egg for ten minutes and then let her cool for 30 minutes. After each use, rinse her in water and place her on your altar or somewhere special in your home. During your moon cycle (menstruation) soak your egg in salt water, or in a windowsill to bathe in moonlight. Placing your egg near a selenite crystal will clear the energetic debris accumulated with deep inner emotional work. Read more on care of your egg.


Using a jade egg while pregnant

The jade egg is a beautiful way to tone and brings awareness to the muscles of our yoni in preparation for childbirth. The practice of pulling the egg in and pushing her out is wonderful practice for gently pushing your baby out when the time arrives. It is wise to establish a jade egg practice prior to conception but is not necessary. Consult your OBGYN or practitioner for more information or to hear if the jade egg is best for you during this special time.

It is also very helpful to resume your jade egg practice four to six weeks after childbirth, to rejuvenate and strengthen the muscles of the yoni and womb. Again, consult your OBGYN, and feel free to contact us for any other questions or support in your practice.


What is the difference between drilled and undrilled eggs?

A drilled egg can be strung with unwaxed dental floss so that you can pull it out when you want to. An undrilled egg drops down and out more unpredictably until you have tones your muscles enough to have more control. The choice is totally up to each woman and her preference. Read more.


Which size is right for me?

Medium to larger sizes is recommended for beginners. The smaller the egg, the more muscle tone is required to be able to hold it and work with it. That being said, it is up to each woman and what she feels is right for her. Read more.


How should I clean my yoni egg?

Upon arrival, boil your egg for ten minutes. Rinse off after each use, and when you feel called, soak your egg in salt water maybe during New Moon or Full Moon, or while you are menstruating. Salt water is “clearing” for crystals of any kind and removes collected energies. Read more about egg care.


Can I do kegel exercises with my egg?

Yes. Begin gently and do what feels comfortable. We do not promote intense exercises or “weight lifting” with your egg. Read more about yoni eggs and the pelvic floor.


How often should I wear the egg?

As often as you like!


How to expel the egg?

When you are ready to release your jade egg, simply squat down as low as is comfortable for you and push your yoni muscles out, as if you are moving your bowel. The jade egg will come out.

I cannot keep the egg inside, what should I do?

If you have trouble holding your jade egg inside of you, practice at first holding your egg while sitting on the floor, contracting your muscles gently, and releasing them. Doing this for twenty minutes a day for two weeks will result in stronger muscle control. Once you feel stronger and more aware of your yoni, you can practice being up and about for longer periods of time with your jade egg.

Using the jade egg with an IUD

There are conflicting opinions out there on this topic. However, the general consensus is that the jade egg practice is safe to do with an IUD. The practice is very gentle, much gentler than, say, love making friction. Consult your OBGYN or practitioner for further information.

What to do if the egg fell in the toilet? 

Simply wash your egg off, or boil for ten minutes, to sanitize your egg.

My stone is cracked or started to peel.

If your jade egg cracks, it is advised to get a new one and not continue practicing with a cracked egg. An authentic jade egg will not ever peel, so if your egg does peel, you may want to research and purchase a certified jade egg. Read more about false jade.

Sizing Chart

* Small - The smaller the egg, the more challenging it is to hold and will require more advanced practice and muscle awareness.

Medium - Recommended for beginners

* Large - The large egg will be easier to hold, for someone that is healing incontinence, prolapse or perhaps postmenopausal.

Read more on what egg size to choose.