Jade Egg Safety & Hygiene

 In light of some recent speculations, we have consulted the research of an expert geologist that works with the source of our jade yoni eggs, to make sure that gemstones are in fact nonporous and safe to wear internally. It is also important to clarify any misconception or assumptions that a reasonably hygiene-conscious jade egg practice, or the yoni, are unclean in any way. This is untrue, misleading, and dis-empowering to women all over the world choosing to give themselves a gift of self-care, conscious gentle exercise, and rejuvenation.

jade egg in clean hand

In understanding the jade egg practice and hygiene, we must first begin with a focus on the yoni and her wise hygienic systems.

A yoni or vagina is not inherently dirty or with harmful bacteria. The yoni has her own natural, perfect cleansing system of fluids and helpful bacteria that continually move and shed and refresh itself. It has been proven that douching or washing our yoni internally is harmful to the delicate balance of bacteria & flora. Her flora and her fluids are just right at all times, given balanced conditions. The only time that there may be an overgrowth of yeast or other harmful bacteria is when our overall body Ph is off balance. I am not a nutritionist or a doctor- and this is common knowledge at this time. A healthy woman, eating a mostly balanced diet, has a healthy yoni that need not be tampered with internally for hygiene. This is also common knowledge at this time. Given the proper care and holistic circumstances, the yoni is naturally clean and perfect exactly as she is.

As you see on this website and you will see when you hold a jade egg purchased on this site- our jade eggs are meticulously polished smooth- zero cracks or crevices. Our jade eggs are authentic and are Certified by the GIA (Gemology Institute of America). At JadeEgg.com, we also communicate with our sources and their expert geologists. Nephrite Jade has been tested and researched, and the findings are that this jade is less porous than steel, glass, plastic & silicone. Therefore the growth of bacteria on nephrite jade is very unlikely.

Boiling your jade egg for 10 minutes upon arrival sterilizes the jade yoni egg. Heavily salted lukewarm water also thoroughly cleans yoni egg and is the best option for cleaning quartz varieties (rose quartz, amethyst,etc) Rinse off the yoni egg well after salt water soaking. A good thorough rinsing of your yoni egg in between use is cleaning enough, but reboiling jade/ soaking quartz is always an option if needed.

With all of this being said, sleeping with a clean yoni egg in your healthy yoni is safe. Many women wear a cotton tampon or a silicone menstruation cup overnight with no hesitation, or even an IUD with a string on it that sits inside the vagina for up to a decade. A jade egg/ yoni egg is as close to non-porous as it gets, and more importantly, is not absorbent, and so poses no health hazards or harm. I am not a teacher or a health care professional, so please seek medical advice elsewhere, if that is what you are looking for. My intention is to highlight common sense.

Typically, a jade egg will drop down and out shortly after waking up and moving around upright. If your yoni egg does not drop out on her own when you are hoping she will, you can bare down and push her out, squatting gently and feeling inside of you to help her out, if need be. It is also optional to buy your yoni egg with a hole drilled into her, so that you can string her with unwaxed dental floss each time you will wear her. Gently and firmly pull the string so that the yoni egg comes out to be rinsed well, paying special attention to the drilled hole. Please remember to always remove the string after each use and discard, using new floss each time.

I personally wear a yoni egg nearly every night, and by the time my children wake me up in the morning and I am at the stove making my tea, my yoni egg comes out on her own. I catch her, rinse her off, and place her with my other yoni eggs in a sunny window sill. I soak my jade egg and other yoni eggs together in highly sea-salted water at least once a month for a night, then rinse them off and set to dry in the sun.

It is important for me to add that reconnecting with my yoni as a sacred temple has shown me that my body itself is a temple as a whole. I listen more to my body and my yoni about what foods are good for me at a given time. I am taking better care of myself in general, as my practice has shown me the value of balance and self-care. I believe this to be a part of the jade egg practice. Self-love, dietary mindfulness, hygiene and inner wisdom connection are rituals that I give myself all of the time.

My hope and intention for women that decide that this practice will serve them, is that each of us will trust and honor our bodies and yonis as beautiful, healthy, divine temples to listen to and love in all ways! Be well, and be proud of your amazing & powerful self!

Jade Egg Sizing Chart

* Small - The smaller the egg, the more challenging it is to hold and will require more advanced practice and muscle awareness.

Medium - Recommended for beginners

* Large - The large egg will be easier to hold, for someone that is healing incontinence, prolapse or perhaps postmenopausal.

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