Shipping and Delivery

We work hard to make sure your shipping costs and wait time on orders is as minimal and efficient as possible. In hopes to answer any questions or concerns, and to remind customers of possibilities with the postal service, we have created a resource for our most common inquiries.

We look forward to providing you with safe, authentic gemstone yoni eggs in the best way possible.


Shipping time

Your order will leave Jade Egg Co. within 2 business days. Once the post office is handling your order, it takes 6-8 days within the US. International Orders can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks.

Please consult with your local post office for more detailed inquiries, because we at Jade Egg Co. have no affiliation or control over these happenings once your package is in transit.

Shipping fees

The shipping rates are as follows:

Britian/ United Kingdom
***. Free Shipping *** Priority Mail International® Small Flat Rate Box
for orders $180.00 and up

*** Free Shipping *** Priority Mail International® Small Flat Rate Box
for orders $120.00 and up

United States
*** Free Shipping *** Priority Mail International® Small Flat Rate Box
for all orders

Rest of world
*** Free Shipping *** Priority Mail International® Small Flat Rate Box
for orders $180.00 and up

If you are shipping internationally or to Canada, there may be additional customs fees upon picking your order up. We write more about this in the next section.


Custom fees

If you are an international customer, it is likely that you are going to be charged extra fees with Customs at the time you pick up your package. In average, these fees range around 20-30USD amount, and may change at anytime without our knowledge.

Jade Egg Co. has no control or ability to wave these fees for you. We have our shipping set up so that Jade Egg Co. pays a portion of the shipping costs, because we know that other fees will apply. Please inquire with your local post office to learn more about what Customs fees may apply to your package.

Problems receiving your package

In the case that there is a problem with the transit of your order, please reach out to us, and we will do what we can from our end to expedite the process. We will always do the best we can to work with you, and make sure you feel good about your order. If something happens and we need to resend your order, it will include a gift for your patience.

Your local delivery person

Jade Egg Co. has no affiliation to the post office. While we can check the status of your order, and report a problem if need be, that is the extent of our ability to communicate with the post office for you. We cannot give special shipping instructions, or alter customs fees, or anything else of a more detailed nature regarding shipping.

We hope this clearly answers common questions and explains the shipping protocols with ease. If you have any other questions not answered here, feel free to Contact Us. Thank you for reading!


Jade Egg Sizing Chart

* Small - The smaller the egg, the more challenging it is to hold and will require more advanced practice and muscle awareness.

Medium - Recommended for beginners

* Large - The large egg will be easier to hold, for someone that is healing incontinence, prolapse or perhaps postmenopausal.

Read more on what egg size to choose.