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bloodstone yoni eggPlease research and check in with yourself before wearing this stone internally.

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The bloodstone gemstone is a beautiful stone aiding our circulatory system, our blood, which holds immeasurable energy and memory. Bloodstone has been used as a sort of medicine, ground into powder, and taken for aiding all sorts of organ function, healing excessive bleeding, and even as an aphrodisiac. This stone has in history been worn by warriors in battle, by medicine people in ceremony, and by the ill, as a powerful healing tool, bringing balance and well-being to the person working with it.

Bloodstone is also a very interesting and powerful stone in working with our mother wound. Being the “stone of the goddess”, this crystal is said to reconnect us with our own goddess nature and to assist us in healing our wounds around our own relationship with our mother, or Mother Earth, or our inner mother energy (whether we are mothers or not). Being of a long lineage of wounded feminine, this can be powerful work. Deep healing of the mother energy and anything we hold around that can be profoundly liberating and humbling, allowing us as women to embody the compassionate sacred feminine. We are very grateful to be able to offer this beautiful stone.

Bloodstone is also beneficial in balancing the energies of our moontime (menstruation). As bloodstone assists with excessive bleeding and cramping, this stone offers grounding and moving of energies that can sit unaddressed in our womb space, the creative center of the feminine body. We do not recommend yoni egg practice during the heavy bleeding time of your menstruation, but she can certainly be worn right before and during the lighter blood flow days. This stone offers many healing benefits and meditations, very powerful for exploring our feminine power and innate sacred memory.

We highly recommend beginning your yoni egg practice with our  jade egg, to clear and center older energies on a physical level, before working with other yoni eggs. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.what's included with the bloodstone yoni egg
* Untreated USA made cotton pouch
* Introductory practice guide
* Genuine bloodstone yoni egg

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Bloodstone Yoni Egg


Super fast shipping. Careful packaging. The stone is a wonderful bridge to the blood flow and moon blood flow in my female body. My curiosity is already lifting its head: How could the bloodstone be a menopause ally...? In short, what's not to love?

Gorgeous stone

Thank you for your fast shipment. Thank you for the very useful pamphlet!!!
Can’t wait to buy my amethyst.


Shipped fast

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