Reclaiming Self-Love Set - Large Jade Egg & Medium Rose Quartz Egg

This set of one large nephrite jade egg and one medium rose quartz egg is perfect for the woman looking to find and reclaim her creative center, and then invite more self-love and compassion into her sacred space. The large jade egg  allows for grounded, rooted clearing and teaches our yoni muscles how to feel and hold the egg. The medium rose quartz yoni egg invites our yoni muscles to become stronger and more resilient, while also welcoming profound self-love, compassion & heart-centered awareness.

* Free 30-minute jade egg practice consultation with any purchase!

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Sizing Chart

* Small - The smaller the egg, the more challenging it is to hold and will require more advanced practice and muscle awareness.

Medium - Recommended for beginners

* Large - The large egg will be easier to hold, for someone that is healing incontinence, prolapse or perhaps postmenopausal.

Read more on what egg size to choose.