Nephrite Jade Egg - GIA Certified

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jade egg

Our Nephrite Jade yoni eggs are a deep, dark green or nearly black color. Some of our eggs have details or visible layers, and others are deep and solid in color.

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Jade of any kind is a gemstone known to be good for the entire well-being of the wearer. It is a beautiful gemstone, considered good for health, and is opening for heart/ emotional energy. The stone is detoxifying on all levels, be it physical, emotional, energetic, etc. A jade egg assists fertility and childbirth by toning the vaginal muscles & increasing circulation with gentle passive massage. Jade has been said to balance body fluids and all of the vital systems in the body. The benefits of jade are abundant and still to this day being discovered.

Emotionally, nephrite jade is a stone promoting balance and peace. Jade is said to uplift energies and emotions from the wearer, allowing for more love and joy to be experienced. Jade is a stone specifically tuned into the Heart Chakra (or Center), affirming that we are healthy, balanced, whole self-loving beings. While we cultivate our practice, we are invited to connect our sensual center with the heart center. Connecting the yoni with the heart space is a beautiful, powerful experience, and can profoundly create space for awareness and self-healing.

There are only two functioning jade mines in existence on Earth right now. This makes actual, ethical jade pretty rare and hard to find. There are many false “jade” eggs being sold online currently, and it is mostly obvious when noticing the pricing. False jade is considerably cheaper than true jade. Regardless of where you choose to buy a jade egg, please research and consider this before buying something that may be false and therefore unfit for internal use! only offers 100% authentic, GIA certified Nephrite Jade.

what's included with nephrite jade egg
* Introduction Guide
* Untreated USA made cotton pouch
* Genuine - GIA certified nephrite jade egg

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Mia Lambert (Kosec)

Nephrite Jade Egg - GIA Certified

Ignite the yoni

The technicalities are that the shipping was fast, packaging is adorable, communication from the seller is great.
The journey with my egg has been nothing but wondrous. I’m happy to be experiencing what this practice has to offer physically emotionally and energetically. Much thanks!


All good thsnks

Lisa Wade

Hi we are still bonding❤


As always: super fast shipping and careful packaging. I really appreciate that. I'm still somewhat under the spell of the stone. Love its weight.


Nephrite Jade Egg - GIA Certified

Life Changing

Not only excellent for pelvic floor health but overall well being


I’m in love with my egg, such a powerful experience

Chrystelle Cohen
I love my eggs

Jade egg was so fast to send me my eggs!!!
I so love them, I am very happy about buying three at the same time. Can’t wait to buy my amethyst egg very soon.

Nikla Bontadelli


Jade Egg Sizing Chart

* Small - The smaller the egg, the more challenging it is to hold and will require more advanced practice and muscle awareness.

Medium - Recommended for beginners

* Large - The large egg will be easier to hold, for someone that is healing incontinence, prolapse or perhaps postmenopausal.

Read more on what egg size to choose.