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obsidian yoni egg

Though obsidian has been used historically for yoni egg practice, it is a stone formed out of volcanic glass. Please research and check in with yourself before wearing this stone internally.

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Obsidian is a very powerful gemstone that offers protection and exploration of the self and our “shadow”, or deep unconscious thoughts, feelings, and patterns. It is said that nothing can be hidden from obsidian. This stone also gifts us psychic protection and has a strong clearing energy, helping us move through repressed feelings like anger and fear. Obsidian is very grounding and healing, reconnecting us to our root chakra and the Earth. Because of the intensity that can come up while working with obsidian internally, this yoni egg is recommended for women that have a strong jade egg practice and that have already worked through some of their emotional residues and cleared old energies.

It is said that obsidian is a powerful ally in resolving trauma passed on through our ancestral lineages. Obsidian is made of lava that has cooled very quickly and is a type of fine volcanic glass. If we imagine the energy of lava, with it’s earthy, firey, explosive quality, and nature, we can also imagine the sort of work that can be done within us as a yoni egg. Anything that we have held in our bodies over the years will very likely come up to be seen, felt, and healed. We believe this is why it is said that obsidian yoni eggs are best explored a little later in our yoni egg practices.

The shadow aspects of our yoni, our creative centers, may be in the form of what blocks our energy. Any trauma, physical or emotional, may need to move through you in some form while you explore your practice with this yoni egg. We recommend taking time in nature often during your time with obsidian, journaling, having quiet alone time, and taking very good care of yourself. Please be sure to give yourself time alone and healthy situations while working with your shadow aspects and what may come up for you. This is a powerful, beautiful yoni egg and is a deep form of practice when you feel called to it.

It is highly recommended that women begin their yoni egg practice with the jade egg first, to clear any older physical energy, before working with other yoni eggs. Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions or concerns.

what's included with obsidian yoni egg
* Untreated USA made cotton pouch
* Introductory practice guide
* Genuine obsidian yoni egg

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The order came sooner than expected. I emailed Nicole and she responded immediately .


Super fast shipping and careful packaging. The stone is gorgeous and perfect for diving into the wonders of the black moon aka menopause.

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