Rose Quartz Yoni Egg

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  • rose quartz yoni egg

    This is a crystal of the quartz variety and is only used for internal use at the discretion of the user. Please research and check in with yourself before wearing this stone internally.

    Rose quartz is the stone of the heart, of unconditional love, sacred sensuality and an attractor of beauty. She is the stone of healing heart wounds, solidifying deep self-love, and transmuting negative energies into a vibration of compassion and all inclusive nurturing.

    It is highly recommended to begin your yoni egg practice with the jade egg first, to clear and detoxify older or blocked emotions and energies. Very commonly, women move on to the rose quartz egg after they feel they have moved thru what they needed to with their jade egg. Rose quartz is a beautiful stone to follow the clearing and releasing that happens with jade, to then call in and cultivate a strong self-love practice.

    Rose quartz is an excellent egg for working with our trauma and grief, healing the tender spaces within us that have held negative memories or emotions so that we can open to our own innate self-love and self-appreciation. She is a vivid to hazy pink color, very solid relative of quartz, sometimes with beautiful shimmers or rainbows deep within her. This is the gemstone of self-love mastery!

    It is recommended that women begin their yoni egg practice with the jade egg first, to clear and heal older physical energy, prior to working with other yoni eggs. Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions or concerns

  • what's included with rose quartz yoni egg
    * Untreated USA made cotton pouch

    * Introductory practice guide

    * Genuine rose quartz yoni egg

    * Free 30-minute jade egg practice consultation with any purchase!

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Sizing Chart

* Small - The smaller the egg, the more challenging it is to hold and will require more advanced practice and muscle awareness.

Medium - Recommended for beginners

* Large - The large egg will be easier to hold, for someone that is healing incontinence, prolapse or perhaps postmenopausal.

Read more on what egg size to choose.