Yogini Set - Nephrite Jade Eggs - Medium & Small

This set of two jade eggs is a gracious journey for most women looking to begin their practice. The medium size jade egg is perfect for the majority of beginner women, that have some awareness of their yoni muscles and are not dealing with issues like prolapse or incontinence. This medium size is wonderful for heightening our body awareness as our yoni muscles learn to contour to the shape of our stone. The small jade egg is for further into our practice, allowing our body to become even more awake to our inner movements as we bring precision to our muscle contouring and toning.

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Sizing Chart

* Small - The smaller the egg, the more challenging it is to hold and will require more advanced practice and muscle awareness.

Medium - Recommended for beginners

* Large - The large egg will be easier to hold, for someone that is healing incontinence, prolapse or perhaps postmenopausal.

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